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Color Me Successful Series

Colour Me 1 100x62Book 1 Color Theory – How Color Sells Your Brand

Learn all about color, where the meanings came from, how to blend and how to pick colors that work together. A book you need as a reference when you start applying color to your brand and marketing material. The theory of How Color Sells Your Brand. Your client sees your brand, website and marketing material for three seconds, make them count.


Color Me 2-100jpgBook 2 Color Emotions – What Each Color Means for Your Small Business

Color affects our small business and our clients in a big way. Your customers gain emotion from the colors you pick for your brand, marketing material, website and business card. Color drives emotion, emotion drives business. Book 2 in the series guides the small business owner to pick the right colors to excite your clients to buy, and remember your brand. This eBook will delve into what each color means to you and your small business

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