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Do you want to publish your book as a print on demand or eBook. How about both. The old saying, you may have the best product but if no one knows you have it, it will fail. This website blog will add key elements on it to help you understand how to market your story if a fiction or non fiction genre. Come take a look and while you are there, spend some time on my medical thrillers. . This site spends time on writing and marketing fiction.




emergence pub group 150 pxThis site has the story of how I published my book, steps to my marketing, and to all my ways of making a difference in book sales. It will become an invaluable resource in your future writing career. I have all my books on this site, both small business, and medical thrillers. It is where you can pick up what I am actually doing and hopefully will answer the question, just how do you make money writing?


Your Business Success Is Our Goal

Of Course, there is this website. Here we will spend most of our time on business. I will add articles frequently, and I feature my book ‘Color Me Successful’. Your client views your brand, website and marketing material in three seconds. Color is the best way to engage and have your customer stay longer. Color drives emotion, emotion drives business. Take a look