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It is all about you, the small business owner, to make your company a success. Yes, YOU! You must fill all the positions: finance, marketing, hiring, branding, and a well-thought-out business plan. The key you probably already know, that is where the ‘About You’ ends. It really is all about your customer. To help you find how-to articles on topics of importance, search here. New ones will be added frequently and participate on the blog to gain more practical knowledge from others as well.

ARTICLES providing small business help may be found under the following submenu items. SIGN UP! The articles will be updated once a month with new ‘stuff’ of interest to the small business owner. In these economic times, it is important to stay on top of the business issues and respond correctly. Be a success!

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These small business articles will be updated periodically, but for active small business information, take a look at our Blog Page and participate with your comments or questions. Go to to find some how-to books ‘Color Me Successful’ carried on Amazon. Did you know that people view your brand, marketing material and website for only three seconds before they stay or move on. The key ingredient is color. Color drives emotion and emotion drives business.

Would you like to create an effective brand or get the outline to a small business plan? Target marketing is key for your small business success, but to target you must have a niche. Check for new articles on these important subjects and participate in the blog. The most talked about subject is finance, find the latest news here. Are you starting a new small business? Visit our Business Start-up section for instant help. Or does a home based small business interest you? Read information on all these important subjects. Come to Small Business help for answers.

Provided to the small business owner are links to other valuable websites for additional information on the preceding subjects. Just remember to come back here and participate. Sign up to receive all the latest and greatest.

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