Beginning guide to advertise on Facebook

This is a great guide to help you advertise a product or service on Facebook. It is still relatively inexpensive on Facebook so use it to the max.

Calls to Action

Key in your marketing are the significant call to action buttons on your website. They drive people to give you their email addresses, cell numbers and perhaps their physical addresses. Here is an article that outlines what a great call to action is. Read and enjoy

What Does Call to Action Mean, Anyway?

How to Market with Video


A great article on how to increase your views of your video’s on social media, your website, anywhere you put it. As you know videos are far more popular than images which are far more popular than text so why aren’t you using them. This gives you 9 simple ways to increase engagement. It is, after all, all about video and engaging your client. Get smarter.


Learn about Influencer Marketing and is it Right for Your Business?


Is fbusiness Cardinding an influencer in your business the future of marketing? Take a look at this infograph from SiteProNews and make a decision for your business. It definitely should fit into your marketing plans. Click on the link to go to SiteProNews and the infograph “Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing” Write what you believe the answer is? Let’s share.

Where am I on the Websites


I mwebdesignust make my websites a priority but like everyone else, maybe not. That is not an excuse but a reality so I am throwing my excuse out. I recently taught a course on Basic Website Design. It was a lot of fun. We pulled up six sites and evaluated them for speed (load in less then 3 seconds), ease of navigation, what the home page looks like, and general appeal. We also looked at them on mobile, computer screen and various sizes of tablets. What a learning curve we all had. It was obvious the sites that were built for mobile, not so spectacular on the computer. Some of the sites were excellent on all the screens. Colors, pictures, font all drove us to want to be and stay longer on the site. The ones I thought would be great……one big video on the home page….did little for the other 25 people. They wanted uncluttered home pages with great pictures and a smaller video, maybe of a client talking about the product or service they just bought. Ghost navigation was clutter free but most had not seen it before so it lost impact. Be careful with the new things that people have to learn. Well, it really gets down to great everything, mostly video and pictures, finally text. There you have it my friends. Look at for a video home page and the retail page, Have fun.

Building My Websites for Business

ID-10029251I have several websites but only three that I use consistently. The first one is All of my books are there but it is mainly for the medical thrillers. It is an easy navigation site, with changeable sliders for updates, and a simple format. I like it a lot. There is also a link for how-to articles on my other website. My second website, the other one, is It was the first real business site for me, created first. It talks about marketing your small business, social media, website development and all things business related. You can get a newsletter there chock full of interesting stuff. There is also great reference material……how-to’s for many business related subjects. It is the main site where you pick up my Color Me Successful business book. It also links back to my other site. My third site,, the other site as well, is all my published work from the publishing side. I use it as a landing page to buy my books and also to see where I am in publishing my next one. Three sites with different focus referred to from different social media sites but all of them sell. I am working on my second one, this one, that you are on now. Will keep you up-to-date on my progress. What things make you want to spend time on a site?

The sizes you need to know for pictures on your social media sites



This is a handy infographic to keep you up-to-date on all the sizes of the photos you use for your sites. final piece

Have you wondered how to get a better return on your content

success renjith krishnanThis article is a must for the business that needs to get more out of their content. Read away at this article on ‘How to extend the life of your content’. has great articles. If you don’t follow this site and are interested in social media, you need to log on.

Coming back to re-energize

iStock_000009336073XSmallI have been gone for awhile but I am re-energized and have made this a priority to get new articles and become active on this site. My first article is referenced below. I am really into social media because I believe that is where the biggest bang for the buck is and it is still cheap to use, for the most part. So, here is the first article, enjoy. How to handle customer complaints via Social Media



Three steps to start a business

This is one short but impressive video. Definitely watch it!